Web Development

Digital Strategy

We specialize in creating websites that captivate the end user and create unique digital experiences across multiple platforms.

Crafting your website to your user’s individual interests has become a staple part of modern IT business models. One-size-fits-all web displays are quickly fading with the average website user’s attention span shrinking from 12 to 8 seconds over the past decade. This means there is increased importance on engaging the user in an immersive experience that creates a strong interest in your products and services.

moxenet primarily builds its platforms using WordPress, the most popular CMS on the market!

Originally built as a blog-based CMS, WordPress has transformed into a multi-purpose website management system that is plugin derived. The ease of installation and user-friendly administration make it a popular choice for open source development, particularly for brochure style sites.

WordPress Benefits

Short implementation cycles and faster time-to-market than most CMS tools
User-friendly administration
Plugin system for fast site expansion
Allows for integration with virtually any API
Social Media integration-friendly
Cost-effective solution for content management
High search ranks and inherently SEO compatible
Automated Plugin update system
Easy content syndication options
Quick installation and setup process
Robust user and developer community

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