UX Design

Digital Strategy

User Experience (UX) Design is the process of creating memorable, meaningful, and useable digital products.

We live in a world immersed in technology that is deeply integrated into our lives. We combine user emotions and needs with brand, content, functionality, usability, and creativity to create the unique design solution for your website.


We use current web best practices, web typographic hierarchy, color palette, unique graphic elements, and photography styles to form a vivid visual user journey. Best SEO practices, meeting accessibility standards, use of responsive grid layouts, and more are all a part of this design process.

The UX Design Process


This is the stage where scope is determined, user needs are discussed, and goals are defined. We know that this was mentioned on another page, but believe it or now… UX design begins here.


Next comes research. This can involve research into industry, analytics data, user feedback, brand strategy, competition and good old fashion brainstorming to come up with a plan to find potential improvements and solutions.

Content & Structure

With the plan formulated, we begin work on content and website structure. The information, features and content begin to take shape with a low-fidelity wireframe. This map is a preview of the new digital experience.

Design + Branding

Once the map is prepared, design can begin. We build on your existing brand identity and apply your distinct style, photography, and content. We consider your existing customer touch points to ensure that your website is a familiar face to your customers.


When designs are approved, a meticulous development map transforms into static mockups. Interactive elements blend with your content to create an immersive product.

Design Refresh

What’s a design refresh? It’s the space between – I have a working website but I don’t love showing it off. Here are a few questions you can ask to know when the time is right.


Has your brand changed or gone through some changes?
Does your current content and business goals no longer align?
Are users confused about what you do or what you offer?
Is your site having trouble converting leads?
Does your site look off or downright broken on mobile devices?
Is your website difficult to update or maintain?
Are you unhappy with your search engine rank?
Is your site outdated or clunky?
Do you have a list of things you wish your website could do?

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